Health Insurance Deductible Met

Health Insurance Deductible Met

Is your health insurance deductible met for the 2022 calendar year? Now is the best time to schedule those hand, wrist, or elbow procedures that you’ve been putting off.

Avoidable Holiday Hand Injuries

Avoidable Holiday Hand Injuries

As we gear up for the upcoming holiday weekend, I wanted to take a moment to share a few thoughts about avoidable holiday hand injuries.

Mardi Gras Hand Injuries

mardi gras hand injury

Sometimes things can get carried away at Mardi Gras. In today’s post, we discuss how to determine if a stomped hand or fingers caught in a bead tug-of-war require professional medical attention.

Milk Crate Challenge Injuries

Milk Crate Challenge Injuries

In today’s post “Milk Crate Challenge Injuries”, I’ll explain what can happen when the milk crate challenge goes wrong.

Volar Retinacular Cysts

Volar Retinacular Cysts

In today’s blog post, Dr. Donnelly discusses volar retinacular cysts – small growths that can sometimes cause real problems.

ORIF Wrist Surgery

ORIF Wrist Surgery

ORIF stands for open reduction and internal fixation. ORIF wrist surgery repositions, stabilizes, and heals a severely broken wrist.

Video Game Hand Injuries

Video Game Hand Injuries

Dr. Donnelly discusses the rapid growth of overuse-related hand injuries among professional gamers.

Cysts, Lumps, and Bumps!

Cyst, lumps, and bumps

Dr. Donnelly answers questions about the different types of cysts, lumps, and bumps commonly found on the hands, wrists, and elbows.

Smartphone Hand Injuries

smartphone hand injuries

Repetitive usage, breakage, larger screen sizes or simply mishandling the technology can lead to smartphone hand injuries.

Holiday Hand Safety

holiday hand safety

This holiday season, Dr. Brandon P. Donnelly cautions everyone in the kitchen to take a few simple holiday hand safety steps to protect their hands and ensure a happy celebration.

Cat Bite Infection | Risks of Cat Bites to the Hand

Cat Bite Infection

Dog bites seem more serious than a bite from a cat. However, when the hand is involved, bite victims can be at significant greater risk for a cat bite infection. In today’s post, Dr. Donnelly discusses the risks and treatment options for a cat bite.

Drew Brees’ Hand Rehab

Drew Brees Hand Rehab

This week New Orleans hand specialist Dr. Brandon P. Donnelly was interviewed by WWL Radio regarding the likely progress of Drew Brees’ hand rehab.

Drew Brees’ Hand Therapy

What is involved in Drew Brees’ Hand Therapy?Drew Brees is well into the rehab process after injuring his throwing thumb in the New Orleans Saints’ Sept. 15 game against the Los Angeles Rams. In today’s post, we will share opinions based on an assumption of care. We are not actively involved in Drew’s treatments. He had surgery to repair a … Read More

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Causes

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Causes

While most jobs require that you use your hands, some jobs and industries report higher cases of CTS than others. Is your job one of them?

Understanding Dupuytren’s Contractures

Dupuytren’s Contractures

Commonly referred to as “Viking disease,” Dupuytren’s contracture may not be a commonly known condition, but for thousands of sufferers it is a crippling hand deformity.

Distal Biceps Tendon Injury

distal biceps tendon injury

Water skiing and tubing are family favorites but they can also present some danger for you and your loved ones. In today’s blog post we discuss different types of distal biceps tendon injury.

Avocado Hand

avocado hand

Avocados are the new ‘it” food. However, doctor’s offices are reporting an increase in hand injuries as a result of incorrectly cutting avocados.

Basketball Elbow Injury

Basketball Elbow Injury

With basketball season in full swing and nicer temperatures outside, it’s the perfect time to get on the courts and shoot some hoops. But whether you’re an amateur or a professional, there’s nothing like a basketball elbow injury to slow down your game. Although hand and upper extremity injuries are common on the basketball court, for many players, like Lebron … Read More

Texting Thumb

texting thumb

In today’s post, Dr. Donnelly takes a closer look at how cubital tunnel syndrome causes pain and your treatment options.

Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

carpal tunnel

The carpal tunnel is a rigid tunnel of bone in the wrist through which a nerve and tendons, critical to hand function, must pass. In today’s blog post, Dr. Donnelly explains how carpal tunnel condition can develop in this tight space.

Pumpkin Carving Hand Safety

In a rush to carve the perfect pumpkin? Slow down. Today’s post will focus on how you can avoid a scary hand injury with these simple pumpkin carving hand safety tips.

Ask a Hand Specialist

When a condition or injury affects our ability to use our hands, it’s normal have a lot of questions. Today’s post will focus on the questions you should ask your hand specialist to ensure you receive effective treatment.

Broken or Sprained Wrist

Broken or Sprained Wrist

In today’s post, I would like to discuss wrist fractures by clarifying what a wrist fracture is, how to differentiate between a fracture and a sprain, and explain how they are treated.

Soccer Goalie Hand Injuries

soccer goalie hand injuries

Congratulations to the French National Soccer Team! In today’s blog post I discuss hands, specifically soccer goalie hand injuries.

4th of July Firework Hand Injuries

Firework hand injury

Because fireworks are so readily available in Louisiana, we assume they are safe. In today’s blog post we discuss firework hand injuries and how to avoid them this 4th of July!

Carpenter Hand Pain

Carpenter Hand Pain

In today’s blog post I discuss hand pain experienced by carpenters, craftsmen and others who work with their hands and heavy, vibrating power tools.

Wide Awake Hand Surgery

When a patient requires anesthesia and a tourniquet for a procedure, the inconvenience, discomfort and risk factors dramatically increase. Today’s post discusses WALANT – Wide Awake Local Anesthesia No Tourniquet surgery.

Basal Joint Arthritis Symptoms and Treatment

Basal Joint Arthritis Symptoms and Treatment Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if your mom has chronic hand pain or has struggled to open a jar of food, she may have the early warning signs of a serious condition. There are several hand conditions that primarily affect women. One such condition that Dr. Donnelly sees quite often is … Read More

Preventing Golfers Elbow

preventing golfers elbow

Preventing Golfer’s Elbow This SpringSpring is finally here, and that means it’s time for the Zurich Classic. If New Orleans’ premier golfing event inspires you to dust off your clubs and head out to the driving range, you may be concerned about aggravating your elbow. In today’s post, we’ll be discussing how you can tune up your golf game without … Read More

Basketball Hand Wrist & Elbow Injuries

basketball hand wrist & elbow injuries

Sometimes things can get carried away at Mardi Gras. In today’s post, we discuss how to determine if a stomped hand or fingers caught in a bead tug-of-war require professional medical attention.

Treating Tennis Elbow: 4 Tips You Can Use

Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow – Not Only a Tennis InjuryDid you know fewer than 5 percent of patients treating tennis elbow actually play tennis? Tennis elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis. In tennis players, it occurs when the player flexes their forearm muscles—which creates pressure on the lateral (outside) and medial (inside) portion of the elbow—throughout their swing. When they hit … Read More