Hand, Wrist & Elbow Surgical Services

Hand Wrist & Elbow Surgical Services

Wide-Awake Local Anesthesia No Tourniquet (WALANT)

Many patients who were previously not candidates for hand surgery due to other medical problems can now have their surgery thanks to WALANT - Wide Awake Hand Surgery.

Traditionally, pain and bleeding during hand surgery have been controlled using some form of general anesthesia and a tourniquet wrapped around the arm. While these methods have been and continue to be effective, WALANT allows us to do away with the tourniquet and general anesthesia.

If the risks and grogginess associated with general anesthesia has kept you from considering hand surgery, read more about WALANT here...

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    Open release carpal tunnel surgery

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is essentially a pinched nerve in the wrist. When non-surgical treatment options, such as such as bracing, anti-inflammatories, and injections fail to provide long-term relief, a carpal tunnel release cab take the pressure off the nerve. There are two main techniques, however, Dr. Donnelly prefers the open approach.

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    Open surgery for wrist fractures

    Wrist fractures are one of the most common types of fractures we see. Most wrist fractures occur at the end of the radius, the larger forearm bone.  These fractures create many different types and patterns, and are treated differently. They can be treated non-operatively or operatively.

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    Endoscopic Surgery for the hand, wrist & elbow

    Endoscopic surgery, also known as minimally invasive surgery, is performed through a small incision or body opening, unlike open surgery. It is also known as laparoscopic or keyhole surgery. In this type of procedure, the surgeon is able to look inside the body with the assistance of an endoscope–a camera inserted through a tube.

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