What is Hand and Wrist Pain?

Hand and wrist pain is very common with numerous causes.  The most common causes of hand pain are traumatic injuries (joint sprains, fractures, and tendon injuries), carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, and arthritis. One important point regarding hand and finger pain due to an injury is not to assume the injury is just a sprain.  Many significant injuries to the hand and fingers may initially present with just mild pain and maintained motion. Some red flags that your injury may benefit from evaluation by a hand surgeon:
  • significant mechanism of injury
  • deformity or instability
  • marked swelling
  • bruising
  • pain that worsens 1-2 days after injury
  • persistent pain despite rice, rest/immobilization, OTC meds for a few days
 Just because you can move it, does not mean it is not broken. This unfortunate assumption can lead to delay in both diagnosis and treatment, which can ultimately impair function, as many bad fractures are very difficult to treat after just a few weeks.