What Are Hook of the Hamate Fractures?

The hamate is one of eight small carpal (wrist) bones. It is divided into two parts: the body and the hook. Although both can be fractured, hook fractures are far more common than body fractures. Symptoms of hook fractures include:
  • Pain (near the outside portion of the wrist) while pinching and/or gripping
  • Swelling
  • Weakness
  • Tenderness
Treatment depends on the severity of the fracture.

How Are Hook of the Hamate Fractures Treated?

Nonsurgical treatment consists of immobilization in a brace, splint, or cast. While immobilized, the fractured bone is able to heal. Surgical treatment may be necessary to repair some hook of the hamate fractures. A typical procedure involves the removal of the fractured hook. After the procedure, patients are able to return to a normal, symptom-free life.