Jammed or Broken Finger?

jammed or broken finger

Anyone who’s played basketball has been there: You’re dribbling, attempting a steal or going for a rebound, and the ball deflects awkwardly off one of your fingers. Often, the pain is manageable. You may have only slightly sprained (or “jammed”) your finger. But this type of mishap can be more serious, when the finger bone fractures. In this blog post, … Read More

Soccer Goalie Hand Injuries

soccer goalie hand injuries

Congratulations to the French National Soccer Team! In today’s blog post I discuss hands, specifically soccer goalie hand injuries.

4th of July Firework Hand Injuries

Firework hand injury

Because fireworks are so readily available in Louisiana, we assume they are safe. In today’s blog post we discuss firework hand injuries and how to avoid them this 4th of July!