Cat Bite Infection | Risks of Cat Bites to the Hand

Cat Bite Infection

Dog bites seem more serious than a bite from a cat. However, when the hand is involved, bite victims can be at significant greater risk for a cat bite infection. In today’s post, Dr. Donnelly discusses the risks and treatment options for a cat bite.

Drew Brees’ Hand Rehab

Drew Brees Hand Rehab

This week New Orleans hand specialist Dr. Brandon P. Donnelly was interviewed by WWL Radio regarding the likely progress of Drew Brees’ hand rehab.

Drew Brees’ Hand Therapy

What is involved in Drew Brees’ Hand Therapy?Drew Brees is well into the rehab process after injuring his throwing thumb in the New Orleans Saints’ Sept. 15 game against the Los Angeles Rams. In today’s post, we will share opinions based on an assumption of care. We are not actively involved in Drew’s treatments. He had surgery to repair a … Read More

Understanding Dupuytren’s Contractures

Dupuytren’s Contractures

Commonly referred to as “Viking disease,” Dupuytren’s contracture may not be a commonly known condition, but for thousands of sufferers it is a crippling hand deformity.

Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

carpal tunnel

The carpal tunnel is a rigid tunnel of bone in the wrist through which a nerve and tendons, critical to hand function, must pass. In today’s blog post, Dr. Donnelly explains how carpal tunnel condition can develop in this tight space.

Ask a Hand Specialist

When a condition or injury affects our ability to use our hands, it’s normal have a lot of questions. Today’s post will focus on the questions you should ask your hand specialist to ensure you receive effective treatment.

Soccer Goalie Hand Injuries

soccer goalie hand injuries

Congratulations to the French National Soccer Team! In today’s blog post I discuss hands, specifically soccer goalie hand injuries.

4th of July Firework Hand Injuries

Firework hand injury

Because fireworks are so readily available in Louisiana, we assume they are safe. In today’s blog post we discuss firework hand injuries and how to avoid them this 4th of July!

Carpenter Hand Pain

Carpenter Hand Pain

In today’s blog post I discuss hand pain experienced by carpenters, craftsmen and others who work with their hands and heavy, vibrating power tools.

Wide Awake Hand Surgery

When a patient requires anesthesia and a tourniquet for a procedure, the inconvenience, discomfort and risk factors dramatically increase. Today’s post discusses WALANT – Wide Awake Local Anesthesia No Tourniquet surgery.